The First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS-I), is an intensive 30 hours long course designed to provide the students with all the skills necessary to treat casualties in a medical emergency situation prior to the arrival of paramedics. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to gain a higher first aid qualification and ideal for people who work in the security industry, for example close protection officers and PSD operators.


Students who attend the course will be taught how to assess and triage casualties and accident victims, the treatment and stabilization of trauma and how they hand the situation over to the paramedics. They will also acquire knowledge which will aid in possibly assisting the paramedics on scene. The course is highly practical and will be delivered by highly experienced  instructors from European Security Academy under supervision of the European Resuscitation Council, ERC.

ASSESSMENT: The qualification is assessed via written exam and practical demonstration.

CERTIFICATE: First Person on Scene – Intermediate certificate. The certificate is issued by Council under supervision of ERC. Each certificate is registered at ERC international database, so potential employers can verify the qualifications of candidates at any time. The qualifications are valid for a period of 3 years.

PRICE INCLUDES: Training material, manuals, certificate, accommodation.

ACCOMONDATION: Condo / hostel group rooms included in course price within Hakka Gorunds -centre. Breakfast.

PRICE: 490€ (vat. 24%)

Language options: English


COURSE SCHEDULE: Start: 09:00 at centre cafe. Details here.

Date: 5.5.2018 -8.5.2018



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