Organize training

Hakka Grounds also provides full training platform for any visiting course arrangers, public security officials and instructors. In our facility you can arrange your courses easier than anywhere in the globe.

Your brand and values are supported through whole process.

Whether you wish to arrange public training sessions or entirely confidential courses for closed participants, both options are available.

You can use only the parts of compound you need and your courses will remain cost effective.

In addition we offer you free brand support and possibility to charge your courses through our Hakka Grounds course portal and your course fees will be delivered straight to your company account with single payment.

All 3rd parties are screened for legal status and we might ask you to provide official accreditations if you wish to give courses on restricted subjects such as weapons, forcible means ect.

All 3rd party operators will receive following support:

  • Full office support on site
  • Accommodation arrangements for your participants
  • Storage units for your equipement
  • Various training equipment support (Safety goggles, earmuffs, flashlights, First aid training gear, battons, vests, vehicles,
  • weapons, ammunition, targets ect.)
  • Host to support you with facility and arrangements
  • Logistical support (Pick ups, arrangements, scheduling.)
  • Possibility to seal any segment of the base completely for private courses

Please feel free to visit us on site to see what we can offer for you.

Further details:


Our ongoing courses

As we continuously educate our own field operatives & management team we also provide training solutions for our clients and partners.

Whether you need personnel certified, trained or upskilled in risk management, operative field work or crisis & emergency procedures we provide accredited training by the best professionals. Our training assets and education solutions are available also in-house, at your location internationally.